CODECS will develop, and turn into concepts, methods, tools, evidence, a vision of “sustainable digitalisation” with the goal of improving the collective capacity to understand, assess and foresee the full range of benefits and costs of farm digitalisation, and to build digital ecosystems that maximise the net benefits of digitalisation.

Living labs

CODECS has established a network of 21 Living Labs, comprised of farmers, knowledge intermediaries, stakeholders, and policymakers, to address emerging agricultural challenges. These Living Labs will take a system-level approach to analyse farms and evaluate the impact of digital technologies on economic, social, and environmental outcomes. By examining the synergies and trade-offs between these different factors, the Living Labs will provide valuable insights to inform policymaking and support sustainable farming practices.

Knowledge Accelerator

The purpose of the Knowledge Accelerator is to support stakeholders, including outside the project, to find knowledge-based solutions and outputs for assessing the contribution of digital agriculture to sustainability ambitions.

Digital Platform

The CODECS platform is a dynamic hub for showcasing cutting-edge digital tools and research, promoting technology adoption in line with a sustainable digital vision. Its integrated infrastructure provides a centralized control panel, empowering users to conveniently access and oversee available resources through a unified interface.