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CODECS inaugurates webinar series, bringing together 90 experts

Jan 29, 2024 | CODECS News, Knowledge Accelerator

Author: Merveille Ntabuhashe (AEIDL)

On January 25 2024, CODECS (maximising the CO-benefits of agricultural Digitalisation through conducive digital ECoSystems) launched its inaugural CODECS Knowledge Accelerator (KA) webinar on “Sustainable Digitalisation: Shaping the Future of Agriculture”.

Hosted by the European Association for Innovation in Local Development (AEIDL) and moderated by Serafin Pazos Vidal – Senior Expert in Rural and Territorial Development at AEIDL – the event convened over 90 experts from diverse backgrounds in rural development and agriculture.

CODECS vision of Digitalisation

Gianluca Brunori, Full Professor at University of Pisa & CODECS Coordinator, underscored the contextual nature of digitalisation, emphasising the need for a systemic analysis to comprehend its costs and benefits, including its impact on social, economic, and environmental aspects. 

Anna Petropoulou, Research Associate at Agricultural University of Athens, introduced the CODECS Digital Platform. This platform is a dynamic hub showcasing cutting-edge digital tools and research, aiming to empower users by providing access to available resources through a unified interface.

Lessons learnt from other EU initiatives

In the second part of the event, were provided insights from past and ongoing Horizon Europe projects, namely BEATLES (Behavioural Change Towards Climate-Smart Agriculture) and UNISECO (Understanding and Improving the Sustainability of Agro-ecological Farming Systems in the EU). This allowed for a deeper exploration of the subject and offered a comprehensive perspective on digitalisation in agriculture.

When presenting BEATLES methodologies and findings, Marinela Gemtou – Senior Researcher at the Agricultural University of Athens & BEATLES Project Manager – underscored the project’s commitment to fair principles throughout the value chain. The focus is on understanding how different stakeholders perceive fairness, ensuring equitable trade and distribution of economic returns across the value chain. 

Finally, Gerald Schwarz, Researcher at Thünen-Institute of Farm Economics, shared key findings from the now-finalised UNISECO project. He highlighted the role of digital solutions, emphasising the imperative to enhance their usability and accessibility for various actors in the value chain connecting producers and consumers. 

About CODEC Knowledge Accelerator

Looking ahead, Merveille Ntabuhashe, CODECS Project Manager at AEIDL, summed up the meeting by presenting the CODECS Knowledge Accelerator, a network where participants engaged in digital agriculture, rural development, and policies can exchange knowledge on key issues. Interested actors can register to join the KA Community to stay informed and contribute to the discussion.

This webinar was the first event organised within the context of the CODECS Knowledge Accelerator. Coming next is a science-policy interface meeting that will focus on “Sustainable Digitalisation in Agriculture and Rural Areas”. Stay tuned for more details on this event.  

Would you like to learn more? The webinar recording, speakers’ presentations and a detailed event’s highlight report are available on the CODECS website, offering an in-depth exploration of the day’s discussions and conclusions.

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