23 January 2024 – 15:00

Fostering resilience in rural communities



Beginning and end

23 January 2024 – 15:00 | 23 January 2024 – 18:00

This EU-level webinar will present key concepts and models of rural resilience, on the ground practical experience based on case studies as well as tools and practices to foster rural resilience. It will also include discussion and comparisons between different types of rural areas and between rural and urban contexts. Speakers and panellists of the webinar will include EP members, ELARD representatives, and rural development experts.

The event is organised as part of the REBOUND project which is supported by the EU through ERASMUS+. REBOUND partners include LAGs, universities and other organisations. Since February 2022 the project has examined the theoretical foundations of rural resilience, analysed 18 case studies, and developed and piloted a training and capacity-building programme on Rural Community Resilience.

The event is open to all those interested in rural issues. Participation is free.