23 February 2024

One, None or Thousands Ruralities: A New Vision Based on Functionalities


Knowledge Transfer Accelerator | 2nd activity

Historically, rural areas have been characterised primarily by population density and proximity to urban centres. However, this approach oversimplifies reality and neglects the wide variety of rural areas, encompassing various functionalities and rural-urban interactions. A call to deepen our understanding of rural diversity was also emphasized in latest EU Council conclusions on  the EU’s Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas (LTVRA) as a milestone to foster place-based rural development and the delivery of EU’s policies and strategies (e.g., Cohesion Policy, Common Agricultural Policy, LTVRA). 

​In this webinar, we aim to introduce an innovative perspective on understanding rural diversity through the lens of rural (multi)functionalities. A ‘Scoping report on rural typologies across Europe’ will furnish an analysis of the current state-of-the-art rural typologies. Thus, we will delve into a new conceptual framework to understand rural areas building on their functionalities and synergies with urban territories.  

​Leveraging the latest findings from the Horizon Europe RUSTIK and GRANULAR projects, we will kickstart a discussion on the imperative for more comprehensive rural typologies for assessment and statistical purposes at both EU and national levels.