13 December 2023 – 12:30

Towards a performance-oriented EU Agricultural Policy


Beginning and end

13 December 2023 – 12:30 | 13 December 2023 – 17:30

Join MEF4CAP’s final event, which stands for Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), will organised its final event on 13 December 2023 in the BIP Meeting Centre located at Place Royale 11, Brussels.

This Horizon 2020 project was designed to draw on the insights and perspectives of relevant stakeholders within the food and farming system to identify best practices for improving the monitoring and evaluation of the CAP.

At the project’s closing event, project partners will present a roadmap for future monitoring and evaluation of agricultural policies as well as its translation into an innovation agenda that:

  • Identifies and delivers on the needs of different stakeholders;
  • Fully exploits the potential of different approaches;
  • Minimises associated costs and administrative burdens;
  • Optimises the value of the data collected.