Demo farms

Farm location

1920 route de Lisle-sur-Tarn France

Languages spoken

French, English, Spanish

TEST – V’innopôle Sud Ouest

Living Lab

OCCITANUM – Open Lab Viticulture

Farm type

Horticulture crops

How the farm is managed

Experimental farm


The digital solution that will be studied in the LL Occitanum for Viticulture includes several digital bricks: - a first module for the acquisition of images of the vine (which can be a satellite image or an aerial image taken by plane or drone). This image is processed to produce a vine vigour map (based on NDVI-type vegetation indices). - a second module consists of an user-friendly interface (web?), developed specifically within the framework of the Occitanum project, which allows the winegrower, from these vigour maps, to determine manually or automatically the zones of management of nitrogenous fertilisation. - A final module is an input modulation device on board the tractor, which allows the doses to be adjusted according to the site-specific recommendation maps produced by the winegrower.

Application scenario