Living labs

Agri-Digital Bildung (AgDiBi)

The Agri-Digital Bildung (AgDiBi) is located in the Southern-West region Germany, close to the state capital of Baden-Württemberg and the Black Forest. The area’s hilly landscape is well-known for its fertile soil, distinctive meadow orchards and hedgerows. Agriculture in the region is characterized by its diversity, with farms varying in size, income, and production methods.

There is a coexistence of small-scale farming structures and urbanization in the area, which represents both an opportunity and a challenge for farmers and their businesses. 

Among the various farms, the Ihinger Hof in Renningen takes center stage as the experimental farm of the University of Hohenheim, primarily focusing on arable farming. This farm serves as a crucial point of reference for farmers and agricultural schools in the vicinity, given its expertise and experience. As an experiential farm, the Ihinger Hof fulfills various roles, ranging from supporting academic teaching and research to providing training opportunities, and conducting demonstrations for aspiring farmers.

The Ihinger Hof has gained widespread recognition among a diverse audience, including farmers, educators, advisors, and consumers, for its role in testing and showcasing Precision and Digital Farming Technologies.

The purpose of our technology

The implementation of digital technologies in crop production aims to increase the sustainability of farming practices at various levels, including in the field, farm, and regional value chain.

The investigated farming practices will be refined and determined through a collaborative dialogue involving vocational teachers and vocational training farmers.