Living labs

Grassland management in Latvia using drone technology

The Living Lab comprises two farms located in the north of Latvia with wooded meadows, unique to that region. One of these farms is situated on the floodplains of eastern Latvia, and its purpose it to safeguard the habitat of an eagle species.

Two other farms are situated in the hilly mid-region of Latvia, one an organic meat producer maintaining biotope grasslands but also looking to improve grasslands using legumes, the other an organic dairy farm with biotope grasslands. 

The Living Lab will capture the changes in vegetation and tree cover, then analyse the data to assist farmers in understanding the outcomes more effectively.

Grassland management in Latvia using drone technology




Estonian University of Life Sciences




The purpose of our technology

The purpose of the Living Lab is to enhance the monitoring of maintenance practices for grasslands, with a particular focus on protected grasslands as well as cultivated grasslands dedicated to organic beef management.