Living labs

IT-enabled place-based local food markets

The Living Lab in Poland comprises six IT-enabled local markets for locally-produced food situated in Chojnice, Kamienna Góra, Kraków, Częstochowa, Liszki, and Michałowice. Utilizing IT-PLM software, participating food producers have a platform to directly offer and sell their products to consumers in each location. Approximately 100 farmers and 1500 consumers actively participate across these six locations. Each market operates independently, with the goal of establishing a local market for locally-produced food. These IT-enabled markets facilitate direct connections between small-scale and part-time food producers and consumers. Consequently, consumers can conveniently access and purchase food products directly from farmers. The organizers of the local markets in each location are users of the IT-PLM software, which empowers the market. They also utilize the software as a tool to develop context-specific business models. Collectively, they form a “user group” to foster peer-to-peer learning and support.

The IT-enabled markets are at various stages of development across the six locations. The Liszki Basket in Liszki has been operational for seven years, while the Z Ziemi Club in Kamienna Góra is now in its third year of operation. On the other hand, the MIR Club in Krakow, the Chojnice Basket in Chojnice, the Spiżarnia Jurajska in Częstochowa, and the Mobile Marchewka in Michałowice are just starting as IT-enabled markets. Transactions are occurring, but they have not yet reached the desired volume or scale. Implementing IT-supported organizational innovations and improvements is viewed as a solution to increase sales volumes while reducing costs per transaction.

The purpose of our technology

The primary objective of IT technology is to enhance and facilitate various organizational models for establishing local markets that promote the sale of locally-produced food through direct transactions between participating producers and consumers. By combining IT technology with appropriate organizational solutions, the aim is to empower the organizers of these local markets to boost sales while reducing transaction costs.