Living labs

Living Lab Latvia

The CODECS living lab in Latvia functions on a national scale, with a specific emphasis on strengthening the market position of beef farmers who employ environmentally friendly farming practices. In particular, the Latvian living lab collaborates with a network of farms across the country, united under the brand name “Grassland Product Label” (Pļava ir Latvian). This brand, currently being developed by the Latvian Fund for Nature, an environmental NGO, focuses on products sourced from semi-natural grasslands renowned for their rich biodiversity. The participating farms operate within diverse agroecological and infrastructural contexts, which present distinct challenges but also offer numerous advantages that enhance the quality of their products.

To support this initiative, the living lab will utilize the ZSA GEO map environment ( This digital platform serves as an innovative tool, assisting farmers, agronomists, companies, research and development institutions, and other organizations in Latvia to leverage digital technology and optimize their business and production processes. The ZSA GEO map environment plays a crucial role in facilitating the development of the emerging food product brand “Grassland Product Label,” which prioritizes products originating from semi-natural grasslands celebrated for their high biodiversity.

The purpose of our technology

The overarching objective is to offer specialized farmers operating on semi-natural grasslands renowned for their rich biodiversity, and adhering to stringent environmental regulations, a non-intrusive and affordable means to effectively convey the unique attributes of their farms and products to consumers. By doing so, these farmers have the opportunity to enhance their market position. The anticipated outcome at the farm level is augmented sales and a significant contribution to the long-term sustainability of a farming model dedicated to upholding elevated environmental standards while preserving the integrity of semi-natural grasslands characterized by abundant biodiversity.