Living labs


The pilot farm – Digifarm – is situated within the agricultural high school of “La Cazotte”, located in the town of Saint-Afrique in the Aveyron department in the South West of France. 

With over 94% of its territory classified as mountainous, the department primarily focuses on livestock farming in order to maximise its potential. This includes cattle and sheep, meat and milk, dairy goats, pigs, etc. The northern and western regions of Aveyron are the main hubs for beef and dairy farms, while the southern part of the department specializes in meat and dairy sheep farming, particularly in the Roquefort basin.

The group of dairy sheep farms (commercial farms) are situated in the department of Aveyron, and fall under the production area of PDO Roquefort cheese (AOP Roquefort).

The purpose of our technology

  1. Automatically collect herd production data through tank weight measurement (production data of each milking).
  2. Measure ambient parameters in the sheepfold (Temperature, Humidity), monitor their evolution and define alerts.
  3. Measure weather environment parameters.