Living labs

Organic Table grapes

The Living Lab is located in Castellaneta Marina, near the sea, within the Taranto Province in the Apulia Region of South Italy. The entire area specializes in Mediterranean fruit production, primarily focusing on table grapes, citrus, and stone fruit, thanks to its favourable climatic conditions.

A significant number of farms in the region have transitioned to organic farming, making it the most important region for organic production at the European level, with over 4000 hectares of organic farmland. Most of the produce is directed towards the export market.

In this context, monitoring weather conditions becomes crucial to achieve excellent results, especially considering the short productive cycle of table grapes and the organic management practices that necessitate precise and timely use of technical means like irrigation and pest control.

Consequently, this Living Lab represents an Organic Agriculture scenario with the aim of maximising fruit quality and farmer incomes. By implementing sensors at the field level (measuring soil, environment, and crop conditions) interconnected and in communication with a Decision Support System (DSS), the Living Lab seeks to improve the yield and quality of organic table production while reducing labour intensity and production costs.

The purpose of our technology

To promote the adoption of appropriate irrigation practices, thereby reducing water consumption and, consequently, minimizing the need for pesticides and chemical products.