Living labs


The RAMAS Demonstration Farm is located in the Ovce Pole Valley, 10 km South-East from the town of Sv. Nikole. This valley is located in the central part of the Republic of N. Macedonia. The terrain of the valley is predominantly flat, with mild hilly parts in the northern and central parts. 

The Ovche Pole Valley has a unique origin and morphological structure. Due to its configuration and geographical location, the region is exposed to continental and Mediterranean climatic influences, with intensive agricultural production of food and fodder as the main economic activity.

The valley is characterized by warm summers, moderately cold winters, occasional extremely low and high temperatures, extreme temperature fluctuation and warmer autumn compared to spring.

The Living Lab is a centralized advisory system designed to provide support and improvement for agricultural production systems.

The purpose of our technology

The purpose is to develop a model for a centralized advisory system that supports and enhance agricultural production systems. This model aims to foster improved communication between farmers and advisors, optimise agricultural inputs and processes, enhance the effectiveness of decision-making and improve farm accountancy and agro-technical operation data.