Living labs

Remote rural farming communities

The project plans to work with small farms and relevant agriculture organisations to test and understand the role of digital platforms and other digital tools on small farms (e.g. crofts, smallholdings and market gardens) – both for their farming activities and diversified activities such as farm shops, tourist accommodation and educational workshops. The project aims to support small farm producers to improve their understanding of the social, economic and environmental benefits and costs of digital tools, enabling them to adopt relevant digital tools to enable sustainable farming practices. Digital platforms for training and collaboration with small farm producers will be then used. 

Through workshops and open farm days, we will work together to explore a range of digital tools and platforms (e.g. social media, selling platforms), and look at how these have been used in similar settings and with what outcomes.  As well as supporting farmers in introducing the latest digital tools, the research will also build concrete recommendations for support organisations and policymakers in terms of how they can provide digital support to small farms in the coming years. 

The purpose of our technology

Develop a supportive environment for knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning on available digital tools to boost small farms’ capacity to take advantage of these resources in a way that fits their everyday practices. It will create opportunities to increase farmer capacity and new ideas on how to use digital technologies in the context of sustainable farming practices.