Living labs

Smart Villages Network

Smart Villages Network (Mreža pametnih vasi) is strategically located in three distinct regions across Slovenia, serving as a vital link connecting the east and west of the country. As an open innovation ecosystem, this Living Lab utilises iterative feedback processes to drive innovation throughout the entire lifecycle, with a strong emphasis on creating sustainable impact. Our primary focus revolves around enhancing wine and honey production through smarter approaches. To achieve this, we actively engage in co-creation, prototyping, testing, and scaling-up of innovative ideas and businesses, thereby fostering collaborative growth and delivering diverse forms of joint value. Our overarching goal is to achieve sustainable production, which involves a dedicated focus on three critical aspects: environmental preservation, economic viability, and positive social impact.

In the vineyards, advanced technology takes centre stage as we deploy sensors to collect various viticultural parameters. These IoT sensors relay real-time data to a secure server and are seamlessly integrated with a user-friendly web platform and smartphone app, allowing end-users easy access to the information collected. On the other hand, for honey production, we also employ IoT technology. We provide beekeepers with a professional digital multiparameter meter, designed for convenient mobile measurement of hive status in three beehives, empowering them with valuable insights for efficient beekeeping practices.

The purpose of our technology

The purpose of the technology is to reduce the use of water and pesticides in the winegrowing process, foster bee protection and preserve healthy biodiversity, lower CO2 emissions with fewer treatments in the vineyards and lesser control of the hives and improve farm profitability and save time.