Living labs

The organic vineyard of the Agricultural University of Athens farm in Spata

The demo farm is an experimental vineyard of the Agricultural University of Athens, located in Spata, Greece. Within the demo farm, UAV spraying experiments are conducted on the premises, in order to identify the most effective operational parameters for drone spraying in vineyards, based on standardised procedures and measurements, such as the ISO standard. 

The primary goal is to gather data on drone spraying efficiency, including canopy droplet deposition, coverage, and penetration, as well as to assess its environmental impact in terms of ground residue and spraying drift.

The purpose of our technology

Plant protection products (PPPs) are essential tools used in farming to protect crops from pests, weeds and diseases, thereby ensuring the productivity, profitability and sustainability of European agriculture. Plant protection applications, and more specifically spraying, is a core aspect of the agricultural production of all open-field crops, including vegetables, orchards and vineyards, and arable crops.