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Reflecting on CODECS Progress at Annual General Assembly

Dec 15, 2023 | Blog, CODECS News

Author: Merveille Ntabuhashe (AEIDL)

From December 12 to 14, 2023, the CODECS project convened its annual General Assembly at the University of Almeria, Spain. This event, accessible both in-person and online, was a pivotal gathering that brought together CODECS partners to discuss advancements, achievements, and future directions of the project.

The General Assembly kicked off with an encouraging speech from Angela Guarino, Project Advisor at the European Research Executive Agency (REA), emphasising the pivotal role of digital agriculture in driving systemic change towards sustainability. Additionally, Gianluca Brunori, Full Professor of Food Policy at University of Pisa and CODECS Coordinator, welcomed partners, highlighting the project’s strategy in addressing change: “CODECS is a truly multi-actor partnership that is trying to address the issue of digitalisation through the analysis of many different contexts.”

Demonstration Farm Visit

The event provided an opportunity to explore the Demonstration activities and platform within the CODECS project. Attendees gained crucial insights into organising impactful demonstration events centered around digital technologies. A notable highlight was the cross-visit to a demonstration farm at the University of Almeria, providing a hands-on experience with practical applications and reinforcing the project’s commitment to tangible outcomes.

Living Labs Marketplace and Digital Ecosystems

The meeting also showcased a Living Labs marketplace, where the project’s Living Labs shared insights into their unique initiatives and innovations. Emphasising collaboration, Living Labs were encouraged to cultivate their digital ecosystems, fostering an environment conducive to shared learning and growth.

CODECS Results and Activities

A significant portion of the General Assembly was dedicated to unveiling key CODECS results and activities, such as the CODECS Digital Platform. This platform serves as a dynamic hub, showcasing cutting-edge digital tools and research outputs. Its primary mission is to raise awareness and drive the adoption of sustainable digital technologies, marking a crucial step toward transforming the agricultural landscape.

The event also introduced the Knowledge Accelerator, marked by the inaugural Knowledge Accelerator Taskforce meeting. This facilitated discussions among partners on the strategic implementation of the KA network, designed to promote knowledge co-creation through a comprehensive and cross-cutting approach.

Steering Committee and Future Steps

The General Assembly concluded with a Steering Committee session, providing partners with the opportunity to delve into the next steps for the project in the upcoming months. This session reinforced the commitment of the CODECS community to steer the project toward continued success.


The CODECS General Assembly 2023 was a success, serving as a nexus for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the pursuit of sustainable farming practices through digital innovation. The palpable sense of achievement among the CODECS partners reflects a collective dedication to leveraging technology for positive and lasting impacts on the agriculture sector. As the project looks ahead, the momentum generated at this assembly promises to propel CODECS toward further breakthroughs in the sustainable digitalisation of farming ecosystems.

In the words of Mar Delgado, Full Professor at the University of Cordoba, CODECS aims to provide scientific evidence for the policy making for the future of agriculture and digitalisation.” The commitment to advancing knowledge and technological solutions remains at the forefront of CODECS’ vision, ensuring a transformative impact on the global agricultural landscape.

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